•    Doorman – Limit access to your Laravel applications through invite codes 

    Doorman is a Laravel package that allows you to limit access to your Laravel applications by using invite codes.

    Once installed you can generate and redeem invites through the Doorman facade and it includes support for Form Request validation.

    You can generate new invites like this:

    // Generate a single invite
    // Generate five invites
    // Make an invite that expires on a specific date.
    $date = Carbon::now('UTC')->addDays(7);
    // Make an invite that expires in 14 days.
    // Or even bind it to a specific person

    Redeeming is just as simple:

    // or
    Doorman::redeem('ABCDE', 'me@example.org');

    If you’d like to start a private invite system to your app check out the Doorman package on Github.

  •    MarkdownMail – A Web App to Create Laravel Markdown Email Themes 

    MarkdownMail is a new web app that allows you to create markdown email themes for you Laravel apps. You register and login with Github and create a new theme. Next, it gives you a demo email and options on the left side to edit the colors:

    Once you are satisfied you can export as HTML or a Laravel Theme.

    MarkdownMail is free to use and will save you a lot of time in building those emails. Give it a try!

  •    PHP Roundtable – Laravel Edition 

    Today the PHP Roundtable had a Laravel inspired edition featuring Taylor Otwell, Mohamed Said, Jeffrey Way, Adam Wathan, and Dries Vints.

    The crew discussed the overall mission with Laravel, getting started with the framework, the ecosystem and more. You can watch it on YouTube below or on your podcast of choice once they get it all compressed down.

  •    Laravel 5.4.20 is Released 

    Laravel 5.4.20 is now released and available. This is a small bugfix and maintenance release with the following changes:

    • Added higher order tap (3abc4fb)
    • Added FactoryBuilder::lazy() method (#18823)
    • Support Redis Sentinel configuration (#18850)
    • Added queue prefix option (#18860)
    • Return PendingDispatch for Kernel::queue() (51647eb)
    • Made RedisManager::resolve() public (#18830, eb9b99d)
    • Changed email body color to match wrapper color (#18824)
    • Break and hyphenate long words in emails (#18827)
    • Set connection on model factory (#18846, 95a0663)
    • Fixed route parameter binding for routes with leading slashes (#18855)
    • Don’t call cleanParameterBag() twice during JSON request (#18840)
  •    Laravel Language Manager 

    Laravel Langman, created by Mohamed Said, is a GUI for managing your JSON language files in a Laravel project.

    Langman is installed just like any traditional package and after you’ve added the Service Provider, just point your browser to http://project.dev/langman, to open the GUI. Using this interface you’ll be able to browse translation keys in different languages, add/remove keys, scan your project files for missing translations, and finally save your changes to the language JSON files.

    You can find all the details on the project page and it’s designed to work with the JSON language files that was added in Laravel 5.4. If you are still using the array-based files you can check out Mohamed’s other package that is an Artisan command to manage those.


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