•    Laravel 5.3 is now released 

    The Laravel team is proud to announce the release of Laravel 5.3 and it’s now available for everyone. The new features in 5.3 are focused on improving developer speed by adding additional out of the box improvements for common tasks.

    This is a general release and comes with six months of bug fixes and security fixes are provided for one year. Laravel 5.1 is the latest LTS release which includes bug fixes for two years and security fixes for three years.

    Here is a quick overview of some of the highlights of the new 5.3 release:

    New Home Page

    The home page received a makeover with boxes showcasing the new packages, and more community resources including links to Laracsts, Laravel News, and Statamic.

    Laravel Scout

    Laravel Scout is a new driver based full-text search engine for Eloquent. Scout works by adding a new Searchable trait to your models, syncing your data to the index of choice, and then you can search as easily as:


    Laravel Passport

    Laravel Passport is designed to give you everything you need to deploy your own OAuth2 server in a matter of minutes. It’s an optional package that comes complete with the ability to set your scopes, Vue.js components for token generation, revoking tokens, and more.

    Laravel Mailable and Notifications

    Laravel Mailable is a new class-based approach to sending emails that will allow you to simplify sending email by removing the need for the closure style.

    Laravel Notifications allow you to send out quick updates through services like Slack, Text messages, Email, and more. The community has even started a “Laravel Notifications Channel” group where anyone can submit drivers and it already includes over twenty-six drivers.

    Laravel Echo

    Laravel Echo is an improvement to the existing event broadcasting system that makes it easy to work with web sockets. To utilize Echo the backend will ship with the Laravel core and then you will need to pull in an NPM package for the JavaScript side.


    The migrations system received a new feature that will allow you to rollback a single migration.

    php artisan migrate:rollback --step=1

    Previously, this option did not exist and you could only rollback a single batch, which could contain multiple steps.

    Simple Pagination

    Laravel offers two styles of pagination. An advanced style that shows a list of page numbers and a simple style that only show a previous and next link.

    Starting with this release the simple pagination will now be available from a view file which makes it easier than ever to customize to your sites design and HTML structure.

    Blade Loop Variable

    Laravel Blade received a new $loop variable that will give you finer grain control within your loops. Now you can use the following properties:

    • index – The number of the loop.
    • remaining – How many loops remain
    • count – The total count
    • first – If it’s the first loop
    • last – If it’s the last
    • depth – How many levels deep you are.
    • parent – Allows you to call the parent in a nested loop.

    For more on this see Matt Stauffer’s blog post.

    Directory Changes

    The “app” folder was simplified by removing all the empty folders like Events, Jobs, Listeners, and Policies. This remains fully backward compatible and if you run any Artisan “make:” command related to these features the folder will get added back.

    Queued Jobs

    Eloquent Collections are now cleanly serialized and re-pulled by queued jobs the same way individual models are.

    This is beneficial in the cases where the data in the Eloquent Collection has changed since the job was pushed onto the queue.

    Query Builder

    The query builder will now return a Collection by default instead of an array. This is potentially a breaking change but it will now keep results from either the query builder or Eloquent uniform.

    Cache Helper

    Laravel 5.3 includes a new cache() global helper that allows you to get, put, or return an instance of the backing service. For more information check out Matt’s post on this.

    Documentation Changes

    The documentation received a huge overhaul for this release. It’s now divided into better sections that guides you from installation all the way through Laravel’s official packages. It is also linking to relevant free Laracasts videos on certain topics. This will cater to either people that prefer audio/video for learning and those that enjoy reading.

    Upgrade Guide

    The official documentation has the upgrade guide which includes all the information you need to start using 5.3 today. It estimates the total time of upgrading at two to three hours.

    Thank you

    I’d like to personally thank everyone that contributed to this release and for making it possible. Adding all these new features was a huge undertaking and everyone that helped out deserves a pat on the back.

    Be sure and join the Laravel weekly newsletter to stay up to date with all the new packages, tips, and tutorials that is sure to come out. Also, Laracasts has a free series on all the main new features as well as Matt Stauffer.

  •    Laravel Lambo – A package to quickly scaffold out a new project 

    Laravel Lambo is a new package by Tighten.co that allows you to quickly scaffold out a new Laravel application from your terminal.

    It works similar to laravel new but supercharged. For example, you start a new project like this:

    lambo myproject

    Then behind the scenes it runs the following commands:

    laravel new $PROJECTNAME
    git init 
    git commit -am 'Initial Commit'

    Next, it modifies your local .env to add your database credentials and replaces APP_URL with the project name, then opens up the browser to your URL.

    Lambo is Mac only and requires both the Laravel command line installer and Laravel Valet.

    Check out the GitHub repo for complete instructions and installation.

  •    DreamFactory API automation for any database (sponsor) 

    DreamFactory auto-generates a rich API platform from nearly any SQL or NoSQL database. In addition to automatically generating REST endpoints for data and schema, DreamFactory offers parameters for complex filters, virtual foreign keys, aggregation, and much more.

    Built on the Laravel framework, DreamFactory is feature-rich backend solution for real world application development. Instant APIs let you build and iterate fast and the Apache license allows for wide distribution.

    Exploring the options for a healthcare application built with DreamFactory.

    The base DreamFactory code is open source and is freely deployed. DreamFactory Silver uses the same code and adds commercial database functionality and dedicated support. DreamFactory Gold is an enterprise solution for fully realized developer ecosystems offering granular user and resource management along with exceptional support direct from our engineering team.

    Recent blog posts:

    Try it out now on our free hosted system or dig deeper into the possibilities with robust documentation and sample apps for a wide array of front-end destinations.

  •    Podcast: Laracon EU Special Edition 

    This week we are joined by Shawn McCool and Freek Van der Herten to talk about LaraconEU happening next. This episode is sponsored by Shippo - If you are shipping products Shippo will save you a ton of time.

    Show Links

    Episode Sponsors

  •    Laravel Passport – Easily setup your own OAuth2 server 

    Creating your own OAuth server can be difficult and Laravel 5.3 comes with a free optional package called Passport that is a full OAuth2 server that is ready to go in minutes.

    Taylor demoed this new package during his Laracon talk and it was amazing seeing just how quick you can add this to your app. Today, he visited Laracasts and created a 15-minute overview video.

    If you want to learn even more checkout the documentation and Matt Stauffer’s coverage.

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